Who are we ?

is a Breton family business specializing in potato chips. We are a successful and innovating company, committed to creating jobs and sustainable development.

Our company is located in the heart of Brittany, a rich agricultural basin, especially for vegetables and potatoes.

Altho is a strong economic player in the region employing 309 people all year long, and up to 400 people in high season.

In our “PME” (SME), the team is dynamic, involved, reactive and always looking to meet clients’ needs.

Beyond the team, the entire local economy is structured around Altho through the agricultural partnership gathering over 250 local farmers and no less than 200 Breton companies (suppliers or contractors) working all year long with us.

Our small business is now considered a real economic force in the heart of the Brittany region.

We now have 2 production sites in France (in Brittany and in Ardèche) and one in Portugal (Tentugal).

Our clients

Leader of Private label in France
and Bret’s at the forefront of innovation !

ALTHO is a manufacturer for almost all of France’s supermarket distribution’s brands, and a major leader in private labels.

Our own brand, Bret’s, is growing in size and reputation each year and becoming the undisputed challenger in the flavored potato chips market. With an excellent price to quality ratio, our brand is constantly improving, always innovating and standing out.

We are developing our business on the international level, either with the Bret’s brand or with private labels. We are currently present in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our quality, innovation and performance policy faithfully meet each client’s specific mission statement. We are known for the quality of our products and our excellent service performance rate.

Both our French production sites have been IFS certified (International Food Standard) level 6 (high level)

They trust us :


in all simplicity !

Potatoes, Sunflower oil, Guérande salt, aromatic seasoning and… that’s it !

Offering good, authentic and natural flavors…that is our mission !
We do so by controlling the entire production cycle from A to Z! From choosing the right variety of potato to the final cooking step, we provide complete transparency about products conception and quality.

Our Breton potato chips come from specific potato varieties such as Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. Round, calibrated and flawless, they give the best flakes to make the best potato chips !

During preparation, potatoes are washed, peeled and sliced before being properly cooked in sunflower oil. The potato chips are then salted and seasoned. For classic potato chips, the sea salt used mainly comes from the Guérande salt marshes where it is hand-harvested.

Depending on your mission statement, we select natural aromatic recipes, without any flavor enhancer additive or artificial sweetener. We adapt to your requirements !

For our vegetable chips, we use specific tools for slow, low temperature and vacuum cooking, allowing us to preserve all the organoleptic properties of each vegetable (carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and beets).

Agricultural partnership

Because good chips,
come from quality potatoes !

Since the 18th century, the Brittany region has been imposing itself as the expert in potato cultivation.

Thanks to a regular rainfall climate, potatoes grow in ideal conditions that give them an unchallenged quality and taste.

Since the setting up of the factory in 1995, Altho has developed partnerships with a constantly growing number of farmers regulating the ways to grow and harvest potatoes.

A sustainable partnership, quality supplies

Today, this sustainable partnership gathers over 250 Breton farmers over 1,700 ha and handle 75% of all supplies. In order to reduce transportation costs, all their farms are located in Brittany, within 170km from the production factory.

By sustainably committing alongside farmer partners, Altho secures its supplies, offers stable prices contractualized by harvest, provides counselling in agricultural practices and turnkey tools (plants, seedlings, treatments, irrigation, uprooting).

Finally, thanks to a specific mission statement, Altho ensures the monitoring of potatoes’ storage for optimal conservation from harvest (fall) to consumption (spring). The Breton company has perfect control of its products’ traceability.

Environmental approach

Sustainable development :
more than speeches, actions…

For many years now, Altho has been placing the environmental approach at the heart of its concerns. Anxious to ally sustainable development and economic competitiveness, we are always looking for more and more innovating solutions. Today, the solutions we have implemented are fruitful, and it is just the beginning…

Sustainable agriculture :

By controlling the mission statement beforehand, we carry out a complete cultivation monitoring and measure all field treatments.

Carbon footprint: -35% CO2 emissions in 10 years

Since 2007, we have been performing carbon audits every two years to control our CO2 emissions, from planting to delivery.

Our water consumption has halved thanks to a specific water filtering and retreatment system

By implementing a specific system, Altho filters and reuses the same water for 4 different steps.

The water used to make potato chips is successively used to wash potato slices, cut potatoes, wash raw potatoes and irrigate the fields of our farm.

Optimal waste recycling: 98% of waste is recycled

Since we control the entire production cycle, co-products and waste are treated and recycled.

Peelings, cutting waste, potato chips’ broken pieces, flawed potato chips, cardboard, plastic and wood packaging, and even paper from the offices and plastic cups from the break room !